Parent Tips

Here are some tips for traveling to DVC resorts with children.

Pool Safety:

DVC pools are pretty amazing. When choosing a resort consider the following:

Safest Pools: (unobstructed view across pool deck, water depth, limited exits within plain view)

  • Bay Lake Tower
  • Boardwalk Villas
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge, Kadani Village
  • Saratoga springs, paddock

Unsafe pool:

  • Beach Club Villas

While the pool area at the Beach Club is very enjoyable and offers features not found at any other DVC pool there are safety problems. Parents cannot view the entire pool deck from any one spot, the pool has some very deep areas well over the heads of most adults and because it features a lazy river there is a current that can pull children into deep water. Additionally to access the slide guests must exit the pool area and cross a public area.


DVC Resorts with Supervised Children’s Activity Centers

Make crafts, play games, watch Disney movies and eat dinner at these fun spots for kids.

Children’s Activity Centers are located at select Resort hotels.

  • Animal Kingdom Lodge; Simba’s Cubhouse
  • Wilderness Lodge; Cub’s Den
  • Beach Club; Sandcastle Club
  • Vero beach

Dinner is included in the cost of the service, and parents can order kid-friendly fare for their children when they check in. A snack is also served at 10:00 PM. Kids must be 3 to 12 years of age and fully potty-trained.

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