First trip

So it is your first trip using DVC member points. First things first….. Welcome Home!

Here are our tips for making the most of your first DVC trip.

Daily cleaning is an option but not a standard service when staying on member points. On the fourth day of your visit maids will conduct trash and towel service. They will remove trash, exchange towels and leave soaps, shampoo and toilet paper.

If you are staying eight or more nights a full cleaning will be conducted on your fourth day and trash and towel service on the eighth.

Members can pay for full cleaning on any day with a 24 hour notice. Fees vary depending on size of home.

Room requests
Members can make special room requests when logged into These request include “high floor” but do not allow for very specific requests like “L shaped room” (a Vero beach resort option). For specific requests call member services or the hotel directly.

Room requests are not guaranteed. You will be reminded of this several times if you call to make one.

Trash and laundry
Member who have excessive or smelly trash can dispose of it in a designated trash room or bin depending on resort. Leaving trash in the hall is not an accepted practice and devalues our membership.

Laundry machines are available in all member resorts. There is no cost to use them but you will need detergent. Vending machines are available with a limited number of options. Resort stores also sell detergent. Note: resorts that share a building with standard guest rooms may have pay laundry rooms as well. These resorts include Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boardwalk. Beach Club, Grand Floridian and Wilderness Lodge. Ask for DVC member laundry.

Members staying in a one bedroom or larger home will have in-room laundry machines.

Reservation problems.
If you have a problem with your reservation, room, amenities or service contacting the front desk is your best option. Member services is unsympathetic and sticks closely to any and all rules. Resort cast are much more willing to help.

One reservation problem you could encounter is a required room change. If for any reason you have a split reservation you must alert hotel cast and request keeping the same room. Sometimes guests get an upgraded view but with a split reservation they are required to move during their stay. A hotel cast member may be able to keep you in the same room. Member services will insist you move.

Tipping is customary and expected.

Luggage handling: $2 per bag or &20 a cart when arriving and leaving.

Luggage storage: when you leave luggage at the bell hop desk give the person you leave the bags with $5. Give another $5 when you pick them up.

Maids; $20 studio, $30 one bedroom, $40 two bedroom and $60 for grand villa at end of your stay.

A tip should always be given when hotel cast bring something to the room at your request. $5 is typical.

Magical express driver: $5 if handling your luggage.

Food service: 18-20% for all table service, buffet and counter service with table delivery (Wolfgang puck). More for exceptional service.

Pool towels:
All DVC resorts offer towels at the pools.

All DVC rooms have a safe.

Magicband charging:
Guest may leave a credit card on file allowing them to make purchases without carrying a credit card during their stay. Guests choose a PIN number that is used when making purchases. Each member of a party can have a custom spending limit. Request limits are check-In.

DVC members are offered discounts at disney owned stores and many restaurants and retailers. Most establishments will require that you present your DVC membership card and photo ID

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